Cheb, The Czech Republic. 1997
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden. 2005

せきや あきこ:神奈川県出身、在住。18歳で米国へ。 オレゴン州のカレッジにて社会学を学んだ後、世界を旅するという幼い頃からの夢を叶えるために帰国。英会話講師、企業勤務、翻訳業等を経る。ヨーロッパでバックパッカーとして一人旅を始めたのは1997年。以来、旅での出会いや、エストニアの孤児院でのボランティア経験から得た想いを表現する手段として色鉛筆で絵を描き始める。



'Ever since I was a little girl, I'd dreamt of exploring the world and meeting new friends - seeing, hearing, 

and feeling 'more'.  When I started making this childhood dream of mine come true, I was naturally led to drawing pictures to capture the overflowing feelings inside, with the hopes of sharing those precious moments of life with others.'

Akiko Sekiya was born and grew up in Japan. At the age of eighteen she moved to the United States to begin studying Social Sciences at college in Oregon State. She then returned to Japan after graduating in order to make her childhood dream come true; traveling. Since 1997 she's been traveling mainly in Europe and the USA exploring life and pursing artwork. Children began appearing in some of her drawings after her experience of working as a volunteer at an orphanage in Estonia. 


She is a self-taught artist whose desire is to share her thoughts and experiences she has encountered throughout her travels by the means of art.

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